Halloween Obama Scare

So Obama Care is here.  I was pretty excited for it when it finally went into effect, as I make no money and have a large skin cancer wound on the top of my head that I need removed.  Everyone keeps telling me to go to various different clinics and the hospital for some charity work, but I have been holding out for some quality care covered by my lovely Obama Care package.


     In fact, I was so happy and anxious about it I went online exactly Oct. 1st to sign my ass up.  And on Oct. 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 10th, 15th, 24th, 30th.


     I think I am signed up.  I tried a thousand times online, and even started to sign up with the poor CSR on the phone who got about an hour into the process and had to tell me the site crashed.  I have tried so many times, I have forgotten my login.


     Further insult was when I received notification from my employer today that the meager 46 bucks a month they were putting on a health card for me was going to stop due to Obama Care.


     So I will join the everybody in grumbling about Obama Care, altho over a month later people are starting to really get ticked.


     I have got several concerns about the whole thing, in fact. 


     Several months ago I went with my elderly mother to the eye doctor, which was covered under her medicare plan.  I was dismayed to see there was nearly one hundred people in there, and her appointment took an hour before they even saw her.  It was a total mill, with crappy customer service to boot.  To get a pair of glasses and an eye exam.


    So concern number one is exactly what kind of shit am I getting into here?  I would rather have my meager 40 bucks a month health card, at least it adds up and I can use it for a normal doctor and not some clinic mill.


     Concern number two is security breach.  The thing is so huge, with crashing servers and fumbling CSR, that I have a real concern over my information being stored in such a mess.  And above and beyond that, the government will now have a record of my health care in addition to my phone calls, emails, and financial information.  When your government knows more about you than you yourself can remember, it tends to lead you to wonder why?  And where is it going?  Of course, this is normal as you age, however, I’m not retired.  I just think its weird, thats all. 


     A good thing hopefully that will come out of the health care thing is if care is available, maybe we can get some people some mental health counseling and cut back on all the freaks out there shooting and bombing and killing people.


     But then again, hmmm.  Concern number three, is mental health care included, and what would THAT be like? 


     Concern number four is that our government released such a mess.  Are we paying these people?  Cause they suck.  Look, there’s the house, there’s the senate I guess, and the president, I don’t do politics they suck and bore me but it seems to me that with all the fail safes that are supposed to be built into our constitution that something is majorly wrong with the whole system.  I mean how can you have a bazzillion ‘leaders’ come together and put out such a mess?  It’s indicating to me a failure of the leaders of this country to do what they are paid at great expense to do.  This fiasco is called The United States of America?  Seriously?


     I always give my government, in fact most things, the benefit of the doubt.  For example, all the crap about us monitoring European and Middle America government phone calls.  People seem to forget that previous to all the Snowden bullshit hitting the fan, there were, and in fact still are, reports of American Government and Big Business data bases being hacked by other countries worldwide, with China in the lead.  So I am of the opinion and confidently so that there are REASONS for the Snowden shit.  Some shit cannot be explained by the government because its not public information, leaving us to try to figure out the reasoning behind government actions.


     It’s called blind faith, but you know what?  After spending my money to shut down the government and argue for a month, rathing than preparing the health care system for release, what am I putting my faith in?  The billions and billions of dollars spent shutting down the government to argue like a bunch of prima donna’s would have paid for the whole health care data base system.  They say the actual cost is a drop in a bucket compared to the actual money in circulation, big deal.  Bullshit.  The government shut down cost 24 billion.  Divide that by current population of 316997000, and its 75 bucks a person.  While of course income for the government comes mainly from business, I am of the opinion that I am owed 75 dollars.  Why should we pay to have someone throw our money down the toilet?


      I say how about we have us a real shut down and take that 24 billion out of the current salaries of our ‘leaders’?  Because that is my opinion, and they work for me.


     And by the way, although it has not been said, I am also of the opinion that a good deal of the problems with the new health care data base is due to people sabotaging it.  Which is just costing more money.


     Its pitiful, and once excited, I now dread Obama Care.  And I am not too happy with Obama either.  He gets shit done, but he is walking the line on this one.  I expect to see big results, and I am not seeing it.  Quite frankly, if the whole country has had to adjust their income levels as employment (REAL employment, not McDonalds and migrant worker statistics) falls and prices quadruple, then why the hell are these people, the president, the senate, the house, being paid the same?  Can somebody tell me this?  Honestly, their pay should be adjusted on a public opinion scale.  Of course, that won’t solve anything, but it is a good example of how I feel.  Which is ripped off.


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