Little Mix – Move

music-note_istock_6928800xsmallSo checking out this tune for the first time and I really like it.  I know I like a song when I turn up the volume as far as I can get it on my headphones without either distorting the music or blowing out my  eardrums.  And this song does that to me.  Love it.  Its fast, its catchy, it brings me to the edge of my seat but …..

Is it me, or has this song got me by the balls, bringing me to the edge of my seat, ready to jump up and just go crazy and …

Its not there.  Where’s the fucking climax?  I wanna get up and jump around like crazy and its …,  not there, lol.  I mean, I can find where they consider the climax to be, but this song has potential to orgasm and they missed it.

Terrific song all the same.  You can listen to it here.  Maybe you can see what I mean, maybe not.  But it leaves me wanting to insert a climax, because its missing.  Or at least take what is considered the climax and add to it.  Cause it can be so much more.  Maybe they will do a remix, or maybe there is one I haven’t found it yet, dunno.

Just sayin.  I really do like it, all the same.  The song is fucking awesome, and the group and dancers are adorable in the video, I could eat em up.  Your opinion welcome.  🙂


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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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