Syria: My Midnight Ramble

Great Labor Day weekend!  For someone who does nothing, I’ve sure kept myself busy these last three days.  So imagine my surprise to finally sit down and have a moment with the TV, only to see that President Obama is wanting to get involved in Syria.

Well, I can say I just do not know what the hell is going on with this country anymore.  One of the reasons I voted for Obama is because he is capable of showing great empathy.  Perhaps a little politically shy, since he is quite young, but I also liked that as well.  My main concern during Obama’s first election was not the economy, although at the time I and most everybody was losing their shirts, but the scorn of the International Community towards the good old USA, after being dragged into the Iraq mess through the UN, to great expense, only to have the US housing market crash shortly afterwards.

Seems when we go down, EVERYbody goes down, which kind of leads me to believe that the damb world runs on the USA.  Which only goes to show how much money we have tied up out there, instead of at home.

Anyway, I liked Obama, especially after 8 years of Bush.  George Bush is a great guy, and an incredibly dedicated and conscientious leader, his greatest fault is once he made up his mind about something, you better get the hell out of the way cause it was gonna get done.  He was incapable of modifying what he put into place, so if he started wandering down the wrong path on something, well, we were all just gonna have to tag along.  And if you suggested otherwise, he could get quite arrogant over it.  Good old USA redneck arrogant.  Not very diplomatic.

Obama is different.  He MANAGES.   He will check something out just as thoroughly as Bush, and he don’t give up either, but he is capable of correcting his paths.  His political shyness would put the International Political Community at ease, his empathy would shine.  But is that now kicking me in the ass?

I would be unable to imagine living in a country where your own government would use chemical weapons on you just because you disagree with it over something.  Which is why there are international laws against it.  Who put em in place?  The UN.

So what the hell is Obama doing?  I mean there are procedures in place to vote in the UN for action, so why is he not going that road instead of announcing to the whole world that the USA is going to take action.  Its total disrespect for the international community and international law, and individual countries pocketbooks.

Its not the reason I voted for Obama, and its pissed me off a little.  Its like this country has this great political need to enforce in everybody’s minds just how great we are or something.

Yes, I agree something does need to be done with this mess in Syria.  What happened over there was unconscionable.  People watched their parents or children or friends die horribly.  Chemical weapons are just so ghetto, seriously.

The problem is, naturally, Syria’s.  But its ours as well.  If a country can just shrug and bomb their own people with chemical death, it isn’t going to reassure their neighboring countries of their own safety.

But it is a international problem, not a US problem.  Its everybody’s problem.  So EVERYbody has to find a solution.  For Obama to just step on everyone’s toes is wrong.  I think he figured that out and that is why he is sending it out to congress to vote on.  Meanwhile, the UN is still investigating, very slowly I might add.

Remember what I said about Bush and Obama and their decision making earlier.  Obama’s has taken the wrong path, but he is adjusting it I think and correcting his path, unlike Bush, who would probably already be over in Syria by now doing God knows what.  So we will see how this plays out.

Remember the days of old and isolationism?  An old fashioned idea.  Today’s world is so much different with modern internet and instant access to everything and everybody regardless of where they are in the world.  But I dream of the day when this country will stop funding the international community to get things done out there.  We need to pull our money in, correct our debt, and focus on ourselves.  Hell, just pulling international funding, you know the pay to get your way thing, would be a gigantic step in correcting our own economical mess.  Why do you think Germany is doing so good?  They just quietly do their own thing and not waste money.

That said, what would the world be like without so much American involvement?  If we just let everybody do their own thing, good or bad?  Its an interesting thought.  Since we are capitalists, I might even add, how can we turn a profit from that?  Because we can.  We pull involvement out, and its going to leave countries scrambling for resources.  So its not like this is totally undoable.

Love my country.  Love my president too.  I cant imagine what it must be like to have to run this country.  And all in all I still think Obama is doing a fine job.  And he is still my hero because of it.

He has got my attention for sure.  Lets see if I am right about that path thing.


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