Yearning.  To have an intense feeling of loss or lack and longing for something.

It also means to be filled with compassion or a warm feeling.  Hmmmm.  That throws me for a loop, so I will write about the first definition, which was my intention before I checked to make sure it was the right word.

Do you yearn for something?  Are you sad?  Depressed?

Interestingly, everybody yearns for something, whether they admit it or not.  Think about it.

Everybody is attracted to someone or some type, and will yearn for someone they see that is attractive, gay or straight.  That’s natural.  I call it instinctual, actually.  Interestingly, sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself, ‘Am I yearning for that person just because they are good looking’?  Often times, you are not.  Its more something ABOUT that person that is attracting you.

But I digress.

Older folks may yearn to be young again and do it differently.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda.  Some yearn to be older.  Hell, there are folks that yearn to yearn.

Nobody has everything they’ve always wanted.

Some yearn to have a house.  Some yearn for kids.  Some yearn to be married.

Lots of people yearn to be rich.  Yearn to win the lottery.  Yearn to be successful.

Lots of people yearn for attention, and spend lots of time trying to gain it.

Some people yearn for friends.  Some people yearn for a day without pain.  Some people yearn for food.  Some people yearn for water.  Some people yearn to breath.  Some people yearn for more time to live their lives of yearning.

Some people yearn to meet celebrities.  I love Led Zeppelin, and would love to spend time alone with Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones.  I see them interviewed through the media, and they say something I totally relate to, and I will yearn to meet them.  Never happen of course.  It’s a yearning.

On the other hand, celebrities yearn for freedom.  They have it all, and they have nothing.  They yearn for the ability to fly cross country for a thousand bucks like everybody else, instead of FIFTY thousand dollars in special arrangements and security details.  They live in giant mansions with lots of property.  We yearn to, too.  But be careful what you yearn for.  Those giant mansions are their whole worlds.  Of course their big.  Its not like they can drive down to Pizza Hut to have a slice.

Some people yearn to get away.  Some yearn to just stay in one place.  Some people yearn for that new car driving down the road, not knowing that perhaps the driver, yearning for friendship, would give you that car for a chance to be your friend.

Some people yearn for drugs.  Some people yearn for no drugs.

Some people yearn for a roll of duck tape to patch their roof.

Some people yearn for those departed.

Everybody yearns for something.  Because, no matter what, you can not have it all.

If your yearning with a deep sense of loss, or sadness, or longing, your definitely in a funk.  Anybody can tell you that, because we all yearn.

What’s interesting though, is if you make a list of what you HAVE, somebody out there is yearning for it with that same deep sense of longing, loss, sadness.

Think about it.  You’ll feel better.

Everybody yearns.


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