George Zimmerman Versus Trayvon Martin

Ah, the talk of the day.  Zimmerman vs. Martin.  One can not escape it, it is on the television, on the radio, and being talked about everywhere.

But even with the verdict of NOT GUILTY, people are still saying he is.  Which I find amazing.  Because you can not say that.  Show me the evidence that he is.  The State of Florida could not do that, and neither can you.

Nobody likes to hear of a senseless death, more so a senseless death of a child.  Trevon Martin was not seventeen, as the press keeps saying.  He was sixteen at the time he was killed.  But it is what it is.  Shit happens and this was shit.

When I was in my late twenties, I was beat up by a group of three Hispanics in downtown Orlando.  At least according to witnesses because I never saw them.  I did not have a chance to see them.

Such a stupid story too.  I was walking home from a bar on a major road in Orlando with heavy traffic.  It was a three lane highway, meaning each side had three lanes.  However, it was in downtown Orlando, so do not get the impression that it was some major highway with cars zooming by at 70 miles per hour.  The speed limit there is 35 miles per hour.

Anyway, the stupid part.  I am walking on the sidewalk, a truck comes by and blats its horn at a car.  Scared the crap out of me.  I jumped three feet in the air and purely out of instinct said ‘fuck you’, in the direction of the sound.

Well, the direction of the sound was in fact I guess three Hispanic kids, who pulled over and chased after ignorant me, who had no idea that they were coming up behind me and was continuing merrily down the sidewalk.

The first strike must have been a full body BUMP from behind.  I went flying at least three feet in the air and landed skidding on my face and elbows and knees, breaking one of my knee caps.

What came next is kind of amazing to me, since this was a heavily trafficked road at 35 miles per hour.  For the next 30 seconds I was kicked or punched in the head as I lay dazed on the sidewalk.  Then I was dragged into the street, and the kids ran off.

A witness, who almost ran over me, stopped his car and pulled me out of the road, and an ambulance was called.  I had road rash on my face, all down my arms, a sprained arm, a broken knee cap, and a possible concussion.  The State of Florida actually paid my medical bills, under their Victim Impact program, which is a great program we have that helps victim’s of crime.

When the guy pulled me out of the street, I had absolutely no idea what happened to me.  I mean, I never had a chance to know, but beyond that, I was having trouble even thinking.

So I can attest a little bit about George Zimmerman’s state of mind when his head was being bashed.  If someone is waling on your head, you can not think straight.  You just can not.  Ask anybody in a similar situation, and they will tell you the same.  It knocks you for a loop.  You are completely dazed.  So actually, I find it amazing that the guy was even able to pull his gun.  Anybody that suggests that this guy calculatedly said ‘I have had enough’ and pulled his gun, aimed it directly at his heart where he knew it would do the most damage, and cold hearted shot the kid dead, is an idiot.

In fact, having been there, I know that what happened was the guy somehow managed to get his gun out, did not aim at anything but the general direction of the assailant and shot the assailant in the hopes of stopping him from beating the shit out of him.  It just happened to go to the heart and kill him.

And honestly, having been there, I absolutely amazed he was able to do that.  Because after a couple of heavy blows to the head, of which we saw the bruises, it was not just cuts to the back of the head, his head was bashed in the back, and both sides, and nose punched, but after a couple blows like that, you start fading out.  It completely takes you out.  You start losing your ability to think, moving towards unconsciousness.  So at that point, based on the evidence, George Zimmerman, luckily, did the only thing he could do to stop this kid, and Trevon Martin got what he deserved.  Because while the kid was just walking from the store after buying goodies, and he was unarmed, just talking on the phone, he spent 4 minutes circling around with the intent of ambushing George and attacked him.

Was George stupid to follow him in the first place?  No.  No he was not.  He was the neighborhood watch.  That is what they do.  And he was being asked first to provide Emergency a narrative of what Trevon Martin was doing and where he was heading.

I’ve done this.  My neighbor’s have done this.  We watch out for each other, and if we hear something outside, we look out the window, and if we see someone acting suspiciously, we call the police, and we go outside, and we watch what they are doing.  We have done this on numerous occasions.  And that was what George Zimmerman was doing.  He was not stalking him.  He did not confront him.  He was watching him, he lost him, he continued to look for him,  in the meantime the kid was circling around behind him and then the KID confronted him.  So sorry, I see nothing wrong with George Zimmerman following him.

Did George Zimmerman racially profile him?  I have to admit, he did profile him as a possible criminal.  He did identify him as African-American.  However, he also knew that all the previous numerous home invasion’s were identified as being carried out by young African-Americans. Which was why he was suspicious of him in the first place.   Trevon Martin was dawdling his way to where he was visiting, maybe stopping along the way, maybe walking in circles, because he was on the phone, and it just looked odd to George, since it was pitch black and raining.  The perception was ‘Why is this guy hanging out in the pitch black in the rain?’

So I can see how it happened.  He profiled him, and he was wrong.  That is alright to me.  In a normal world, the cops would have gotten there faster, questioned him, Trevon would have been insulted perhaps, but whatever.  He would have gone on his way.  He certainly was not doing anything wrong, other than gabbing on the phone.  Not the best circumstances to have conversation, but kids love to gab on the phone.

His mistake was to ambush and attack George.  He spent four minutes circling around George, calculating a confrontation, which was just plain stupid.  I mean, if I am worried someone is following me with possible bad intentions, I certainly would not stay where it is happening and I certainly would not confront the person either, let alone attack him.  I would go home and call the police.  So unfortunately, he got what he deserved.  He was not some innocent child walking home from the store being stalked in the dark.  Yes, he was doing nothing wrong at that point.  But he committed a crime, however, when he decided to ambush and attack George.  Because that is not what one does in his situation.  You go home and call the police.  The state says, well maybe he was afraid to go home to where his 12 year old step-brother was waiting for him.  But in fact, he had his cell phone on him.  He was ON it.  Did he call 911 and say ‘Hey, some strange guy is following me in the dark’?  Hell, I would have.  In a heart beat.

So the ill will, like it or not, belongs to Trevon Martin, who rather that call the police or go home, decided to ambush and attack George Zimmerman.

And its clear as day.  The only reason George Zimmerman was arrested is because so many people were screaming it was because he was African-American.  Which is wrong.

I am well aware there are racists out there.  I hate them.  They infuriate me.  Nobody has the right to condemn a person based on skin color, sexual preference, or anything else.  Just because they are ignorant, is no excuse for this.

Unfortunately, ignorant people exist, and we gotta live with it whether we like it or not.  BUT, each time that one says another did this or that due to racial bias, when in fact that is not true, it diminishes the crime of bias, and pretty soon people stop paying attention and do not care anymore about it.  They say, ‘Oh, here we go again, someone called someone something or other, someone did this or that to another because they were gay or black’.

I saw on CNN today how the NAACP is considering filing a lawsuit against George Zimmerman on the grounds that Trevon Martin was racially profiled.  And you know what I thought?  I thought, ‘Here we go again‘.

Lets all take a moment and think about this.  There are real instances of racially motivated crimes out there.  This is not one of them.  To pursue it as such will only strengthen those that commit these crimes.  Is that what we want to do?

I call for everybody to reflect a bit on this.  Because, as Don West said, like it or not, we do not need this to go from tragedy to travesty.  As a gay man, I understand the hurt of bias, trust me.  If you misunderstand what happened here, and listen to those that want to say this is racially motivated, for what ever self-gaining purposes or because they are just plain ignorant or uneducated, your probably really hurting, and pissed.  Do not do this to yourself.  Racial motivation is not what this was about.  It was about self defense, and nobody is going to throw someone in jail and ruin their lives because the issue is misunderstood and people are being misled to where they are really hurting over it.

Think.  Lets keep the issue of discrimination, racially or otherwise, clearly defined.  It exists.  We have to fight it.  But we have to do it correctly.

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