Herb Alpert

Ok, I know I’m not one hundred years old, and I know this is a blog and not twitter, lol.  But I just had to post how much I just love Herb Alpert.  He is just awesome.  So funny, but I am so in love with his music.  Take a listen for a while, and tell me if I’m wrong to be so.

I’m particularly partial to his music during the Tijuana Brass years.  He actually played incorrectly during this time, damaging his lips.  But for some reason I love his younger stuff more.  Take a listen here.  I can blast A Taste Of Honey for hours, just love it.

Love this, ‘It Was A Very Good Year’.  Gotta be one of the most romantic tracks ever.  And this is a great favorite as well, ‘Plucky‘.  Also love to absolutely blast THIS.  Really loud and it is so great!!

Is he not adorable?  Love this too, ‘What Now My Love?’

Dont melt when you watch this, lol.   And by the way, he is introduced by non other than the Carpenters, who, yup, got their first break from him.

This has been great.  I think I am going to throw a Tijuana Party this summer, this older stuff is so awsome, there is simple nothing like it.

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