Lost In A Giant Closet World

Ok, I truly don’t think I can stand cleaning out this closet anymore.  My heart is gonna give out.  You may already be somewhat familiar with my determination to get it cleaned out from my recent post with the shoes, but now I have run across boxes of Mom and Dad’s records from the 40’s and 50’s.  I mean oldies, like when records weren’t vinyl but some kind of thick plastic and weighed like five pounds an album.

Wow.  Here is a record made of Mom’s high school choir in Lodi, New Jersey, doing some play or musical, something called ‘The Desert Song’.  Like 1949!  Her choir director had them made for each person, at a hefty price too I’m sure.  Mom’s almost eighty.  I pulled out of the closet this dusty old record player from the 70’s and played it for her.  It brought tears to my eyes to see her just mesmerized, hanging over the record player, listening to every word and remembering it all, 60 years later.  Wow.

What a wonderful thing.  These records include all the Christmas music we played when I was just a baby back in the late 60’s.  Old Frank Sinatra records.  Herb Alpert, I just love him.  Look!!  Here is that old Petula Clark album I used to get into and play over and over again when I was what?  Eight years old?  It is the album ‘Downtown’.  This was my eight year-old favorite.  Here it is, the exact album and the song Downtown.  Isn’t it wonderful?

This here just leaves me bawling like a baby.

This one I like cause the crowd is going nuts for her.

This one I like cause it shows her spirit.

I can go on and on.  Petula Clark is too cool.  I love all her songs to this day, forty-plus years later.  Don’t matter how old she is or what song it is, its always awesome.  And check this out: she’s now almost 80 and just came out with an album and new hit single.  Here it is: ‘Cut, Copy Me’.  As usual, I love it.  Yea, her voice I would imagine is majorly processed, but the song has her mysterious style.  Who couldn’t love Petula Clark?

Here she is talking about her new album to be release this month, if it isn’t already.

Here she is singing her version of ‘Crazy’.  Can’t beleive it.  Yea, her voice is a little shaky, she’s 81!!!  Shaky or not, she does a kick-ass version.  No need to process that voice at all.

Can’t call her a national treasure.  She is famous worldwide, with albums also in French, I believe.  No, she is a world-wide treasure.  A multi-national treasure, if you may.  If you look at all she has done in her life, its almost scary.

Wowww.  Petula Clark.  What a nice trip this has been.

When I die and go to heaven, here’s hoping she is my next door neighbor.  Her on one side and Lucy Ball on the other.  And Barbara Hutton across the street (yea, soft on her too, lol).

  Petula, you will always be number one to me!!

Geez, what adventure is next in this saga of the giant closet?  Hope its as magical as C.S.  Lewis’ ‘The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe’!  Come to think of it, thats about all that could outshine this latest trip.

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