Bronco Bama


Yay! He had my vote, and he won! As far as I’m concerned, its a statement by the average American that we are tired of bullshit and we want someone REAL in the White House for a change. While ‘Bronco’ may have a million or two, expecting Romney with almost a quarter billion in the bank to understand the average American’s life was unrealistic to me. All I saw was Romney saying the same practiced shit over and over again – he wasn’t real. To this day I beleive that he had not a clue what an average American person goes thru in trying to sustain themselves.

I wont say that he did not have our best interests in heart, only that he really didnt know what we wanted. Neither does Bronco, but at least he started out the same as most of us.

Romney’s dad George was making big bucks when Mitt came along, and he always knew wealth. And I’m sorry wealthy reader, but you cant tell me wealth isnt a sheltered life.

How could Mitt have helped us, should he have become president? I think he would have been ruthless in the support of big business, and he would have created lots of jobs, albeit most of them paying less than 10 bucks an hour. But the problem with his plan, I felt, is he WOULD have streangthened big business, to create those jobs. And big business is what brought on the whole economic mess in the first place. Plain old unrestrained Capitalism.  The rich getting richer.

Capitalist country it is, but if you get too many people depending on a company for a living and that company growes so big that it can no longer effectively manage itself, and it crashes, guess what? You got a ton of people crashing with it.

Capitalist country or not, we need to cap big business. We need this to spread the wealth to other, smaller business owners.  To lessen the impact of a crash.  I mean, theres wealth, and then there is simply too much money tied up in some company’s bank account when it could be in circulation helping the economy.

Not that I’m an economist or anything. Thats just my uneducated thoughts on the subject. I saw the sadness of the Romney Supporters, and couldnt help wonder if they really thought he was just gonna solve all their problems. Find em a good paying job. There would have been jobs all right, McDonalds. Walmart. Sears. Citigroup. All paying shit and raking in the cash while they thought up ways to rip us off.

So, yeah. If Bronco really does make a difference, I will be surprised. But he didn’t make our deficit, he inherited it. And it will increase. When you take on two bullshit wars and bail out a whole country, it cost money, and we gotta pay it back. The truth of the matter is that our deficit will continue to grow for a good long time, simply bcse we have borrowed our way out of this mess and continue to do so. It costs money to borrow.

So, nope, Bronco isnt gonna save us. And he pretty much said so if you listened closely to his victory speech. He said, rightly, that the only thing that is gonna save us is if we stop pouting, get up off our asses, and WORK. Work like we never have before. If you only make half of what you made back in the ‘good’ days, then you need two jobs.

Fight. Save. Our banks depend on your savings to offer competitive loans to small business owners who are trying to grow and who will provide jobs.

I’m gonna join that fight. I have no choice. Pouting time is over, Bronco is not gonna bail me or anyone else out, only I am gonna do that. If I can’t depend on myself, who can I depend on?

But I do think Bronco will do what he can to help, little as it may be. Because he understands me, an average American, and the challenges that I face. He was there once. That is why he got my vote.

And remember my friends, Republicans and their super support of Capitalism are gonna be back.  Its inevitable.  This will benefit big business in a big way, and the rich will get richer again, but it aint gonna make life any easier unless you’ve already got money.  So fight now while you’ve got the government supporting the people.  Cause when it goes back to supporting big business, we’re on our own.

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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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