Etta James

I was sorry to hear that Etta James is now supposedly in her last days at the age of 73, suffering from Lukemia and Alzheimers.  Here she is just 3 years ago, at the age of 70, on Dancing With The Stars, singing her old hit, ‘At Last’.  And here she is doing a fab job with ‘Take It To The Limit’, and old Eagles favorite of mine origonally sung by Eagles bassist Randy Meisner.  I’m usually mercilessly critical of people doing other people’s songs.  This one is definately an exception.  Somehow, she just makes the song even better.

Our thoughts are with you, Etta and family.  We love you.

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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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One Response to Etta James

  1. Indeed, prayers out to Etta, her family…and her fans as well.

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