$ The Lottery or The Hundred Dollar Challenge $

Lottery. The smell of money. How to win it. What would you do if you did win the Lottery?

What about Jack Whittaker and his curse? Or the guy that committed suicide two years after winning the Lottery? Or the guy who was murdered by his girlfriend and buried under a driveway, because she wanted the money?

Can you handle having a lot of money?

I’m a firm believer that money is responsibility. If we don’t have it, its because we don’t respect it and/or know how to handle it and/or really grasp what it is. I’m always broke, so obviously I fall into this group.

Yet, I also believe this is a subconscious choice we make. I believe anybody could be rich, if they focused on making themselves rich. There are plenty of self made millionaires out there, some of whom are dumb as a rock. How could they be rich and not us?

I believe we are all inherently the same; same IQ, same hopes and dreams, same fears. Not saying all of us are dumb as a rock, but then again, maybe we are in some ways.

For example, I believe we don’t focus on making ourselves rich because we don’t want to be rich, we just want our current financial troubles to be solved and to live happy. Outside of that, we don’t have any clue what to do with money. If you look at some Lottery winner stories of astounding fortunes, the first thing they do is pay off everything. Then wam! They haven’t a clue what to do. They start giving it away, they get mixed up with wrong people, they become drug addicts, they even commit suicide. Because, outside of paying everything off, where do you go from there? What the hell do you do with yourself, and, more interestingly, what do you do with all that money?

For example, say you win 94 million dollars. Can you even grasp how much money that is? How much money that can be MADE with that?

Can you even grasp what can be made with even a hundred bucks?

For example, 16 year old Jimi saved his allowance of 10 dollars a week for 10 weeks and bought a push mower for 100 dollars. He now mows 2 lawns a day, 5 days a week, and he makes 20 dollars a lawn. His total income is now 200 dollars a week, 10,400.00 dollars a year.

OR, you lend Jimi the money to buy the lawnmower, with the agreement that you get ¼ of the income. 100.00 dollars makes you 5,200.00 dollars in two years. Minus the cost of gas and equipment, and assuming Jimi will do it for at least 2 years, your looking at a net income of approximately half, just to give it a good margin of error, which is 2,600.00 dollars. Not bad for a 100.00 investment over 2 years. Jimi is happy and you are happy.

So now you won 94 million. You decide to invest in 10,000 Jimi’s, which is a million dollars. Some Jimi’s will fail. Some Jimi’s will make even more. Kinda hard to tell. So you see a statician who advises you that rather than half of your share of the profit after expenses as in the single Jimi example above, you would profit only a quarter over two years. 1,300.00 dollars per Jimi. Total return on your 1 million dollar investment in two years? 13 million. Give away 50% in taxes, your 1 million still made you 6.5 million, minus the million investment. 5.5 million. In two years.

Or, you can just take 100.00 dollars and start from there. I mean, the chances of having a million dollars just to invest in Jimi’s is pretty freakin’ slim, right? Lets be realistic here.

You go the two years with one Jimi. You make 2,600 dollars. You don’t touch this money. Instead, you decide to do a little work and find some more Jimi’s and re-invest. You find 26 more Jimi’s and wait another two years. After all, its not costing you anything but a hundred bucks and a little time finding Jimi’s. And each Jimi is making a little money to save for college, right? Each Jimi again makes you 2,600 dollars. Times 26 Jimi’s. In 4 years time your 100 bucks has now made you 67,500 dollars.

I think I could live with that. In fact, I could live with half that. In fact, I would happily turn over 100.00 bucks for even a quarter of that, 16,900 dollars, in four years time.

Was that hard? No. Actually, not at all. I mean, how long could it take you to find 26 Jimi’s in your spare time as a hobby?

Do you now realize the power of just 100 bucks?

So why are we not all rich? The answer is simple, we don’t focus. Making money is not hard, it just takes a little focus. But more importantly, we have to define a goal for ourselves. What do we want? If your like me, and inherently supposedly like everybody else, you want nice cars, live carefree, no bills. This doesn’t take a lot of money.

I have a friend whom we will call Bill. Bill saved his money and bought a quarter acre, undeveloped lot in the country for 6 grand. He installed a well for water and a septic tank for another 6 grand. He purchased a 20 year old single wide trailer for 2,500 dollars and fixed it up. His overhead is electricity and phone and internet. That’s it. Ten years later he is the richest guy in the neighborhood. And he is happy. Not super rich, but not a care in the world either.

So rather than spending a dollar a week on the lottery, why not sit down and define what you want out of life? Like most everybody, I bet you want nice cars, live carefree, no bills. How much money would that take?

Not much. Look at Bill. Total outlay, 14,500 dollars. Net result – nice cars, live carefree, no bills and almost total financial freedom.

After you define what you want, why not just take 100 bucks and see what you can make with it, in just over a year? After all, its just a hundred bucks. And a little time. Make it a hobby, or a goal. Re-invest it the next year, and see what you have. That 14,500 dollars Bill put in to his home comes around pretty quick if you focus. And then wam! – total financial freedom.

 So while I can go on and on about winning the Lottery, honestly folks it is easier to make money than it is to win it. And total financial freedom is hardly out of the picture, no matter how grim your situation. You just need to know what you want first, and make it happen.

What are you waiting for? Don’t play the Lottery, take the Hundred Dollar Challenge!



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