New Kitty

New Kitty has arrived!!  I broke down when I heard the the SPCA had some Siamese.  I wanted a female, this male was all that was left when I got there.  Not sure I am gonna keep him, he is potty trained and everything, just more handful possibly than I want to take on right now.  Maybe he will grow out of his crazyness, but can’t trust him alone in the house – he has to be locked up when I can’t watch him.  The garden tub he is in is the master bath, it is the size of a small bedroom, so not as terrible as it may sound.  He LOVES computer wires and LOVES me, not good since I work on this thing 8-12 hours a day.

  Oh well, we’ll see.  I have 10 days to make a decision.  The Doctor says his dad was a Snowshoe Siamese, and mom was a Seal Point Siamese.  I didn’t want one that looked like my Siamese just passed away, who was a pure-blood Seal Point, so this works out there.  So weird, his face is white instead of black, but the seal markings are there, except, of course, for the white feets.  He is 8 weeks old, just a tiny thing, but incredibly smart for his age.  If I keep him, he is going to be something else!!

  Introducing New Kitty:









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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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5 Responses to New Kitty

  1. aww… way too cute!! I hope it works out for you two.. I have not brought in a new puppy, since my 16yr old terrier Shadow passed, 5yrs ago. I ache for a companion, but too unsettled to committ. Cheers!

    • Thanks!! It seems to be working out, he just needs to grow a bit. Now letting him run the house, although i still get nervous when he starts chomping on wires. He plays with everything but his toys, of which he has close to 75 of them. He thinks my toes are the best lol- owch!

  2. itsmeandthemoon says:

    Cute kitty! Okay, this is crazy, seeing as we don’t know each other, but I too am a New Jersey/Florida transplant! It’s a small world, after all. 🙂

  3. itsmeandthemoon says:

    Okay, I read more of your blog and this is getting kind of crazy! I’m a semi-CSR for a financial instituation as well! (I say “semi” because I’m technically a phone operator. I transfer callers to CSR and other departments.) Maybe we are co-workers or something? Crazy!

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