Another Day In The Life Of

Hello, happy readers, this starts another blog about nothing in particular.

Worked today in my at-home CSR job. We all had a stressful day dealing with many different types of calls, but it really was just another ‘day in the life of’.

I had one lady calling in just screaming how she canceled her account in July and she is being charged for her monthly recurring fee again and it has caused an overdraft for the second month in a row. I spent 20 minutes getting her to provide enough information to prove ownership of the account (I swear, some people cant even remember their name. I am not lying. How do you forget your name? I mean What. The. Fuck?). I spent another 20 minutes repeatedly explaining the account was canceled and there WAS no charge to her account (by this time my temper is barely in check as we are at 40 minutes into the call with the woman screaming and being about as rude and idiotic as she could possibly be). Finally the woman goes, ‘Oh. My bad. This is last months statement. Why am I just receiving this now? I am. So. Sorry.’

Okay. So it’s bad enough that the woman just tortured me for 40 minutes. Now she is actually waiting for a response? Really? Is she doing this on purpose, just a final twist of the knife, just one more push to see if I will lose it, or what?

Yea. Pretty damn aggravating. But that is life as a CSR. Some days are really good and your all happy and the next day is 10 hours of torture.

One of the nice things about at-home CSR is chat. You may be working out of the house, but you have chat to all employees. We use a company chat on the virtual computer, and a lot of us keep a private chat on another computer to talk without big brother looking over our shoulder. Here is a brief glimpse of what that Customer Service Rep is REALLY doing while you are screaming at them over the phone:


Me – it is getting busy now

Coworker 1 – lol uh oh – yes I like it

Me – man! Do you ever work? Get a job mon lol

Coworker 1 – hahaha. I do work just part time lol – I work sun mon tues and fri nites – my hours are the best

Me – you gonna go for the chat support thing?

Coworker 1 – no cause I really like my team and my supe is the shit

Me – the shit – LOL

Coworker 1 – lol he is cool

Me – ho hum ho hum ho hum

Coworker 1 – lol what?

Me – im feelin goofy

Coworker 1 – lol really I couldn’t tell lol

Me – lol

Me – where are you?

Me – booohoooohooo

Coworker 1 – lol – ur crazy

Me – cheez – it is busy as heck – back 2 back

Coworker 1 – that’s good makes the time go fast

Me – ive gotten to where I just hang up on pranksters – don’t even wait for them to get that far

Me – click

Me – cyanara.

Coworker 1 – lol

Me – ‘hi there. Are you an Indian?’

Me – click

Coworker 1 – lol awesome

Me – hahaahaha

Me – awwwwwwwssssssoooooooommmmmmmmmme

Coworker 1 – haahahaaha

Me – ugh – I want to kill this person

Coworker 1 – lol


Here’s another chat log – picture this when you are discussing possible fraudulent use of your account:


Coworker 2 – good lord this baby is so loud – I think they are burning his feet with hot cigarettes

(I almost fell out of my chair when he said that – he is so fucking funny)

Me – LOL

Me – I ahteeos and you are stuck on a call

Me – *hate eos (that, readers, means end of shift)

Coworker 2 – I hate billing

Me – whats the fix for 5464746349 in your secret stash of error codes

Coworker 2 – 546=billing error (duh)

Coworker 2 – bank wont authorize

Me – I hate this back to back calls shit

Coworker 2 – I hate this gig

Coworker 2 – I REALLY hate this billing application

Me – lol

Me – and you were so for this job when you started

Me – man its busy

Coworker 2 – I love my job

Me – weeeeeeeeeeee

Me – man this nite is going so sloowwwwwww

Me – this guy says ‘hello ma’am. My dog shitted on my disc drive and now its not working’

Coworker 2 – one more hour

Me – 4 min

Me – you know that’s not gonna happen

Coworker 2 – nope-I hope you get an hour long creep

Me – lol -I probb will – I will forward to u lol

Coworker 2 – misery loves company

Me – avail 2.5 min with 3 to go – yea

Coworker 2 – NONONONO

Me – I reset my avail

Me – lol

Coworker 2 – you must suffer

Coworker 2 – as I do

Me – no I reset my avail

Me – lol

Coworker 2 – they\’ll whack your bottom for that

Me – dam !! – it didn’t work

Coworker 2 – HAAHAHAHA

Coworker 2 – I FEEL BETTER NOW

Me – lol

Coworker 2 – lets hope it’s a smuck that wants to redo his whole account

Me – hahaahaha

Me – ha!! Its over!! Im done!!

Coworker 2 – no !!!!!!

Me – muwaahahaha

Coworker 2 – you stink…leaving me here with all these…well, customers

Me – lol

Coworker 2 – c ya

Me – have a good nite!!

Coworker 2 – in one hour

Me – vodka time for you

Coworker 2 – yea you bet – vodkaa tonic

Yup. Happy times.










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One Response to Another Day In The Life Of

  1. lmao.. so funny.. being a CSR (done AT&T (at the launch of Iphone-that was hell), local phone co, stock management, and travel), I know what you mean. The calls you get.. wow.. the day on the life…I so get!!

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