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So. New post. What to write about? My quit smoking blog is breathless, and with my blog on DUI I think I made my point with my ‘DUI – What It Will Cost You’ post. Which if you haven’t read, please take a moment and click the link. I’m all for saving anybody unneeded grief.

I think I’m getting closer to figuring out how to move content to categories. I’ll try this later. It will be nice to be able to get this thing organized.

Here is a great blog which I recommend you visit if you have not done so. Many interesting posts here. I love it. 

I saw on TV today that successful writers only write about subjects they know about. That writing requires research if you plan on taking on a subject you are not knowledgeable about. Hmmm.

Well, it makes sense. That is, if you are blogging about serious shit. Which I do sometimes. But mostly I blog to vent and occupy my time. It’s more colorful, sure; but I try to at least proof-read and make it readable before it goes public. Most times, though, I don’t plan what I am going to write. I sit down and write and whatever comes out, comes out. Some of it is trash, some of it is good. And I make it all public (with the exception of poor little kitty in her box. THAT was bad taste, for kitty and for you. I apologize for the shock dear readers, I was not myself that night).

But research? Nawww. That would take all the fun out of it. I don’t write for stats, they just happen. I write for the sheer joy of writing completely anonymously, and get a kick out of anybody with the patience to read it. I get some subscriptions, but mostly my readership is anonymous, like myself. But my hits have been rising everyday since I started, so that’s fun.

And its fun to write this way. For example, I can talk about the economy going to shit. China taking our spot as Number One (when I say ‘our’, I mean USA, international readers. My apologies. Its just easier) and offering other countries bail out money, including the USA (can it really be true? The nerve! What’s even more astonishing it that we need it).

The Eurozone talking about some kind of Euro bailout for Greece, and Germany’s consternation at this idea.

I fully understand the consternation by the way. While the rest of the world rots in financial hell, Germany is booming!! They are like a little China.

But we all know China’s secret to financial success (manufacture until your people choke on pollution and your environment is polluted for the next thousand years – they’ll buy their way out of it when they take over the world). What is Germany’s secret? Hmmm. Maybe we should all sit back and take a look at what they are doing. Is it manufacturing wizardry? Technology?

Of course, while the German economy is booming, I did take note of an unsubstantiated news report that, unless you are under 35, there are no job prospects for you in Germany. Those German young ‘uns better get moving, Social Security Germany style is about to get mighty expensive (yea, I know. They don’t have Social Security. At least not like USA. Every country has there own way though, and the money still comes from the population. Or most countries. Not researching that, either).

Am I writing about what I know? Well, its hearsay. Just what I have gleaned from the international news. In my interpretation. Lets not forget that. My research is what I have heard on the international news on TV and how I interpret it. Not exactly a trusted source of information.  But seriously, what media is?

But let me get a little defensive here. Who needs research to know about a crappy economy, anyway?  I live in America, land of wealth and freedom.  I know the economy is crappy when I pay almost as much for gas as my mortgage.

I know the economy is crappy when I read one out of every 7 Americans’ are living in poverty (that is, one out every 7 Americans’ living in poverty American style, not to be confused with Ethiopian style. I appreciate this difference and often wonder at the people who don’t. Ours can seem a truly selfish society sometimes).

I know the economy is crappy when my neighbors, dear friends for 23 years, move away after losing their home to foreclosure.

But I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt. Here’s my research on how I know it’s a crappy economy:

John Smith’s home in Anytown, USA in 2002.

John Smith’s home in Anytown, USA in 2011.

John Smith’s car in 2002.


John Smith’s car in 2011.

Suppertime in America, 2002.

Suppertime in America, 2011.

Wow. What an angry post this sounds! And I’m not even angry!

Am I bitter?

Naw. Just write write.

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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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