Siamese Update

Well, here is an update on kitty and my day and whether I smoked or not.

I did not smoke! As a matter of fact, I only thought about it twice today, and both times were after I had eaten. I still can enjoy my coffee and have no problem disassociating cigarettes from it. So just need to learn the disassociation with food and I should be good to go. I’m still thinking the 30 day mark.

I just weighed myself and was quite relieved to see my weight dropped down to 184 – so approx. 4 pounds over from when I quit. I will continue to monitor this, and, should I hit above 190, definitely go into an elevated weight alert,as that is overweight for my height. I will not be fat. I will not be fat. I WILL not be fat!

Siamese cat is actually doing better. I dropped my last 2 hours of work and ran her to the vet in a panic over her not eating or responding. Silly cat. Right when I was leaving, she decided she was going to finally speak to me. Squeak that it was, I was still heartened enough to wonder if I was just panicking. Panicking or not, I took her to see Dr. Jorge anyway, since she still wouldn’t eat.

Dr. Jorge wanted to run ANOTHER blood test, this one for pancreatis, which I declined, explaining that she finally squeaked to me and I did not want to subject her to another blood pull from her neck (and is he pulling that from her jugular?). I explained all I wanted was to find out why she was not eating. I wanted a saline drip for dehydration. And I wanted B-12 shots to make her hungry. We were to hold off on the blood pull for now, to reduce the stress of having to be brought back to the vet again.

Well, glad I rejected the blood pull. He injected the B-12 over seven different spots for whatever reason and the saline drip was an additional two spots.  Poor thing was a pin cushion anyway.  I also had them clean out a nostril, which was completely plugged up.

 The previous days blood test was in and it indicated an increase in white blood cells.

Infection!! Yaaay!! I was so worried. She has a cold.

Cats are babies when it comes to a cold, you will swear they are dying. Only with poor Siamese cat, she almost did, as it put her into a full blown asthma attack. Which we have already gotten under control.

What we didn’t have under control and couldn’t figure out was her not eating and all the lethargy. I mean, poor thing was gasping for days before I finally found a competent vet. So definitely was stressed. But the lethargy continued well after we had her asthma under control.

So yes, infection. Been down this road and know in about 5 days of strong antibiotic she will come around good as new. So relieved over this. I was very worried for her.

Dr. Jorge also gave me ‘liquid diet’, to administer with included giganticidal syringe. Wisely, knowing what this will be like, I pleaded ignorance and asked for him to do first dose to see how it is done. I’m pretty cat experienced, but he appeared to buy into it. And he was clearly pressed for time as well, as it was an emergency visit that he was doing in between his other appointments. I really like him. Very gentle too.

And I am glad I pleaded ignorance! Siamese cat would spit it out every time. She is a pisser. We learned finally that we can only just squirt into her mouth or she will spit it out.  It takes forever.  She had it all over him and herself. And it stinks. Weeee. At least she didn’t pee the table this time.  That stunk so much worse, lol.

So the liquid food takes forever to administer. He wants me to administer 4 times a day. This is not going to happen – you are talking upwards of 40 min and I work 8-10 hours a day – she will probably end up with one or two a day, and hopefully the antibiotic will kick in within the next day or so so that she will eat on her own.

So there is your update. Still smoke free and staying that way. I am saving 15/week on the cigarillos. But the vet cost me 650.00 American so far and 10 hours off the clock as well from work.

I don’t think I have ever spent $650 on myself at the doctors. Maybe I’m real healthy, or maybe just plain lucky. I feel that it is an excessive amount of money to spend on an animal.

On the other hand, Siamese cat has not left my side since the day I brought her home 12 years ago.  It’s been a love affair since she was a baby, and talk about adorable.  

She is a very faithful friend to me.  I love that cat.

If I had to do it again, I would.

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2 Responses to Siamese Update

  1. Hope cat is going better. Sounds like a nightmare. I can understand what it’s like. My dog, in the last years, suffered what we thought was anemia. After spells of collasping for some time, I discovered on the night I had to put him down, it really was cancer.
    And the non smoking thing is stressful enough! Sounds like you are doing smashing eh? That too, I have done. Good work.

    • Thanks Bryon, for the comments. As you probably know by now, kitty passed on, and yea, I smoked; in fact still smoking. But I will stop probably tomo. So heartbreaking to lose a pet, and she went right in front of my eye’s too. I was just frantic. As Mother so adeptly put it, its like losing a little person. I will post more in days to come, and maybe delete that macabre picture and put up some of her adorable one’s as a tribute. Right now I am emotionally drained, and physically exhausted as well, having spent the day doing some major landscaping in the yard to get her grave where I wanted it. It took about 8 hours. I am happy with it tho, and she is at rest now.

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