Quit Smoking – Day Six


Wowee. Day six. Amazing.


Actually it wasn’t that hard, although to say that I did not have some rough spots along the way would be a lie. But I am making it through.


I have switch to the medium patch as of right before bed last night. So I expect some rough spots today. I’m fighting it with all I have though. This is pretty far in, I’m not letting anything get in my way now.


The physical cravings (addiction) have calmed down a lot. Believe it or not switching to a patch lessens the physical cravings, but it does not eliminate them, as switching to a patch is still a big jump in nicotine reduction. But they have calmed down. I expect some problems with them today as I have switched over to the next size patch. As I mentioned earlier, I will not be past this physical part until I decide to go patch free. Physical cravings last 2 – 3 days each time you jump down lower, so I am in favor of the patch for short term help, but basically the longer they are on the more you are torturing yourself. I am still deciding if I want to skip the little patch altogether and just wear this medium size one for a while and then just jump out of it all together. We’ll see how hard it is to adjust to the medium one first. I hate the physical cravings.


The mental cravings are calming down too, but I still run into situations where I miss my cigs. When I am working. After I eat. With my coffee. There is a vague ache for my cigarettes here but it is not as bad as day one. As I mentioned previously, each time you get through a habit craving you reinforce in your mind how to do it. It takes practice and is a lot longer to get through than the physical craving part, although as I remember by day thirty you are pretty much over those. Then you just have the little surprise ones that sneak up on you, like my camping trip did. I am thinking of those and what to tell myself when they come. Like ‘have this cigarette and you wont quit again for 5 years and your lungs will be that much worse and cigarettes will rule your life and dictate to you how you do things.’


I went to the market yesterday and ran into people smoking in the parking lot. I held my breath as I walked by them. Don’t know if there is nicotine in mainline smoke, but I wasn’t taking any chances. Like I said, I hate the physical cravings.


The other day one of my neighbors came and talked to me and smoked in my face. That was lovely. I blew him off pretty quick, lol.


But yes readers, I am day SIX!! I will keep you posted. I will definitely right away if I slip. Should I not, my next post is going to be day …..


We’ll do day 10. By then I should have a plan for the ending. Like I said, I am thinking of skipping the little patch. Lets see how it goes with this medium one.

Here is a link to those terrific Forever Free booklets, for those of you ready to give it a try.  I wouldn’t do it without them.

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One Response to Quit Smoking – Day Six

  1. The Hook says:

    You have my respect and admiration on you will power. You’d have made a great Green Lantern! That was a HUGE fanboy comment to make, but it just came to me, so I went with it!

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