Quit Smoking – Day Two


Good morning! It is 3am of day two and I am smoke free for approx 30 hours!


I’ll tell you, by the time I finished my shift last night I was a mess. Word of advice: if you quit smoking give yourself a little extra time in the morning, lol. First thing that happened after I posted here yesterday was I logged into 2 computers worth of programs and my remote server crashed. That is minimum 30 minutes to log into everything. I logged out of everything, restarted the computers, logged back into everything, and same thing. I was going CRAZY.


Then I got some nasty, pushy, IT lady on the phone who was like ‘no, you must WAIT 15 min after you log out before you log back into everything or you will get the same server.’ Totally pissed me off talking to me like a child and cutting me off. I was rippin, and got her supe involved. All within 2 hours of waking up in my first day of not smoking. LOL.


So, I had a to work extra hours yesterday. Already scheduled 9.5, so that sucked. I spent most of the day really wanting a cigarette, which were sitting right on my desk staring at me. I did this why? Dunno, but I didn’t light up!


So how do I feel now? Well, I LIKE not smoking. I mean, I loved my cigarettes, but it was a love/hate relationship. I hated the smell. It was all I ever smelled – like the world had one smell in it and it was cigarillo. I hated exposing everyone in the house to it. I hated the cost and I hated the mess. I hated feeling like shit all the time. I hated the ball and chain. I hated putting everything off until ‘after this cigarette’, and ending up getting nothing done at all.


I went to bed around 11pm and up at 3am, boiing out of bed, full of energy. This is another thing that happens to me when I quit. It will last a week or two. I just suddenly go into manic depressive mode, the high point. Just a rarin to go. I wont sleep much, and I’ll probably clean the whole house and the yard too. Then after 2 weeks of not smoking it will stop and I will sleep for a week and then sorta level out. Really weird how it does that to you though. That’s psychological. Cigarettes even effect your brain. Love it.


What the heck is wrong with this country, can’t even smoke a joint, which is totally un-addictive and therapeutic, but you can smoke until you walk around strapped to oxygen and cost the taxpayers God knows what in health care costs. Cigarettes should be illegal. This country is doing its people a disservice allowing them to be addicted to cigarettes.


Yea, there are some that can just smoke whenever they want. I envy these people. But the interesting thing is, is they can smoke whenever they want, but THEY STILL SMOKE! They are ADDICTED! Nobody CHOOSES to smoke, lol. While tobacco smoke is supposed to be therapeutic, that goes back to the ancient people. And I don’t think it was our modern, lets pack it full of addictive poisons so we can really get em addicted cigarette tobacco. It was pot. Or some similar weed.


Anyway, today is day two. I don’t know what my readership is, but the blog is helping me with this too. Cool. Whatever works.


Today I am noticing I can smell a little better. I am also hungry!! Yum. Fooood. Me hungry. I better watch it, ima gonna get fat. I did NOT like all that weight last time. I am definitely doing the fruit and salad thing, or I will totally EXPLODE. But maybe I’ll enjoy just a little bit of taste sensation first. I mean I smoked for 30 years. All I ever tasted was cigarette smoke.


What’s exciting is my sense of smell is just, itsy bitsy coming back. As is my sense of taste. This is one of the great things of quitting smoking. Just being able to smell something besides cigarette smoke. It’s a whole new world. Maybe that’s what causes that manic depressive high thing. Or maybe its just all the extra oxygen in your system.


And by the way, if you are planning to quit smoking, these Forever Free books just hit the nail on the head. I have read a LOT on quitting smoking, this is the absolute best of the best. If your gonna quit, don’t do it without these booklets. They really help you along. Just read a couple pages everyday.


Today I am reading booklet 1. They discuss how, while the cravings are hard, they only last for a week or so. Here I want to pop in my thoughts on this. While nicotine patches are great, you are prolonging your addiction with them. This is why I do the 5 big, 4 medium, 4 small thing. That’s two weeks. Your not smoking but your still maintaining an addiction. That’s ok, but keep in mind what your doing is not quitting smoking. What’s actually happening is you have decided to not be an addict anymore. You are quitting nicotine.


So the sooner the nicotine is out, the sooner the cravings are gone. The book is right, the really mean cravings only last a week or so, but that is a week or so AFTER the patch is off. Know this my friends. The patch is great cause it spreads the mean cravings and stretches them over a longer period of time so they are not so mean. You get to step down gradually. But doing it over 3 months is crazy. Honestly, my way is 2 weeks on the patch and 1 week reduced cravings after they are off. That is three weeks. That is long enough. Remember, you are not addiction free until there in no longer the addictive substance in your system and you are actually functioning that way. While I guess some people need to go longer, I’m a chain smoker and I can’t see how. Do it my way and keep in your head 90 days. I’ve done it, I know. From the day you slap on that first patch, it is exactly 90 days. I PROMISE you, in 90 days time you’ll be going through whole DAYS without a cigarette a second thought. And the toughest part is just that first week. It gets easier each day after that.


And in 120 you’ll be saying what a stupid habit that was. How on earth did I do that for so long. Here is where you gotta be careful. It is not a silly, stupid, little habit. It is a very dangerous, scientifically designed, big addiction that will brink you back to day one with just one cigarette. As you become addiction free, NEVER forget this. NEVER underestimate the power of just one cigarette. Or even just one drag.


As the booklet says, Smoking is Not An Option. I’m throwing out that pack of cigarettes on my desk right now.

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3 Responses to Quit Smoking – Day Two

  1. The very best wishes for your continued effort to stop smoking. I know many folks who have done so and none have regretted it!

  2. The Hook says:

    Keep fighting the good fight!

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