Quit Smoking – Day One

Good morning and here is day one. I feel fine, having my coffee and read halfway through book one of Forever Free. It is great when I put these patches on before bed. Just no cravings at all when I get up. I am currently smoke free for 9.5 hours. Tomorrow I know from experience it will be tougher. Something about day two. I think it is your body kicking out all the poisons. But still, it shouldn’t be that bad.

Also just to let you know, I woke up late – so even though I work from home, I have two computers that have to be fired up, updated, scanned, and then connect to my remote desktop. Then I need to log into about 50 different programs. The process takes an hour. Add this to my reading and posting time here, and I’m too busy to think right now anyway. I am scheduled 9.5 hours today – ugh. Hope people aren’t too annoying!

What I am most going to enjoy is being able to close the damn door!! As an at home CSR agent, I smoked pretty much a whole pack during my shift – the door needed to stay open and the ceiling and house fans going full blast, too. This caused a problem with other members of the household cause I would always bitch them out if they made too much noise (yea, I’m right off the kitchen). Now I can close the door!! Hooorayyy!!! Too cool.

Going to wear this patch until bedtime, or, if it gets tough, I will switch it out halfway through. We’ll see how it goes, and I will keep you posted. Have a good day everyone!

Wish me luck!!


O.M.G.  What a ga – roo – eling day.  I delt with more annoying server crashes today and rude people.  I was going CRAZY for a cig.  Finally i ripped off the patch and put on a fresh one.  That helped but man, i need off this damn computer.

Still smoke free!! 🙂

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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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