Quit Smoking – This Is It!

Yup. This is it. I am now retiring for bed, after eating a nice pasta dinner and my usual three cigarello afterwards. Mmmmmmmmm – what a lovely medley of flavor! I have scrubbed a portion of my chest with a boiling hot wash cloth, dried thoroughly, and applied a big size patch.

Tomorrow I have a 10.5 hour work day. It will be interesting. I have set my alarm to get up early to have my coffee and do my Forever Free readings. And then a quick post here, so you all know how I am doing. Then I will switch out my patch to a fresh one and begin my work day.

There is nothing like the feeling of waking in the morning and realizing you can’t smoke with your coffee. Even with the patch, its like someone just pulled the rug out from under you. The Forever Free reading helps, it gives me something to do with my coffee. And the patch will take care of the cravings. But I’ll miss my firey friends. Even if they destroy my sense of smell and taste and suck the living life out of me.

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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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