Keurig Update

Just a quick (very quick – I’m scheduled 10 hours on the computer today) update to my Old Mr Coffee post.

The Keurig one-cup-at-a-time gave me 2 problems, one was an aftertaste that I can describe only as ‘old coffeepot’.  The other was bodiless coffee that was full flavored but so light that I barely had to use any creamer.  I’ve solved both of these problems.

As you know, the Keurig was given to me by my sister in exchange for a no name pot of mine, as she wanted one that made more than one cup of mud.  When I used it, the coffee had an unpleasant after taste to it.  I’ve identified it as mold.  The Keurig lid if very tight-fitting, you put the water in and the thing SNAPS shut.  The machine is very solid.  I found that running vinegar through it to clean it initially then leaving the lid open after use for it to ‘air dry’ helped to eliminate the after tastes.  This lid is like, airtight.  Not letting it dry out before closing it is a big mistake.

The other after taste problem had to do with the reusable filters themselves.  Because of the way the Keurig works, I noticed after rinsing the reusable filters that they were oily!!  The high pressure and temperature actually leaves a lot of the oils behind.  I found that I actually have to use soap in these filters each time i rinse them.  This REALLY helped with the aftertaste thing, too.

Finally, the problem of bodiless (but full flavored – so strange!) coffee was solved by not using Folgers Flaked coffee.  What I did was buy 8 o clock full bean and grind it till it caked.  Then I use 1 TBLspn coffee per regular size mug (which is about the maximum amount of coffee this thing does at a time anyway).  Viola!!  Great flavored, full-bodied coffee is back!!

So Old Mr Coffee IS getting retired after all.  At least as far as I’m concerned.  The rest of the household doesn’t seem to have the same commitment as myself to making the Keurig work for them.  I guess it boils down to everything else in the kitchen – you either got it or you don’t.  Some people are take-out and microwave only, others pursue cooking and test a recipe over and over and adjust till it is just right, and enjoy doing it.  I’m happy to say I’m one of the latter!  So they can wait 20 min for their cuppa mud, I’ll have mine in 2.  Awsooooommmme!!

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