Old Mr Coffee

A year ago my sister went out and bought a Keurig grab-a-cup coffee maker for a hundred dollars. It’s a one cup coffee maker, the kind that only makes one cup at a time and the coffee comes in those little expensive packages that you just pop in the coffee maker and add a little water and viola!! You got yourself a nice hot cuppa Joe in only a couple minutes.

Problem is, it only makes a cup. Literally. Like 8 ounces or something. She didn’t like this because she has a nice travel mug that is pretty big which she uses for her ride to work, and it only filled it a quarter of the way.

Around the same time, I also purchased a coffee maker, only I stopped at Walgreens in an emergency run as my old Mr. Coffee was running so slow it was like 20 min to a cup of coffee, which drove me crazy. The coffee maker I bought was ten dollars, made in china, no name brand. It was awesome, with a funnel filter and super fast.

Unfortunately, the pot itself was pretty cheap, and when you poured it always dribbled. So great performer, but annoying dribble. It ended up in the cabinet after only a couple of uses. I loved it, but it wasn’t very popular with the other members of the household, due to the dribble. We went back to old slow Mr. Coffee, whose performance remained the same even after an infusion of vinegar to clean it out.

Couple years go by and yesterday my sister calls and offers her hundred dollar Keurig for my el cheapo coffee maker. She said it even had filters if I did not want to buy the little expensive packages of coffee that it used. She wanted a full cup of Joe for her commute to work. I agreed wholeheartedly. As a work-at-home CSR agent, I get two 10 min breaks and a lunch. Old Mr. Coffee was just too slow to get a fresh cup in 10 min, so I was anxious to solve this problem.

My sister loved el cheapo, although she was not too fond of the dribble. I gave her some tips to reduce the amount of spillage, i.e.: hold the lid open when you pour.

And today I tried out my new Keurig.

She had a case of Kona coffee all wrapped in the little expensive packages, so I tried that first. It was a strange experience. The coffee came out full flavored, but it had no body. I only had to put half of the creamer I normally put in it, although the flavor was there.

I next tried to use the little filters. Same thing. Strong flavor, thin coffee. I next tried to slow it down some by jamming a little piece of coffee filter in the actual filter. This actually resulted in even thinner coffee somehow!

I am now at my fifth cup of coffee, and still not happy with it. I have found that if I use the same amount of coffee as what it takes to get four cups out of old Mr. Coffee (approx. 3 tablespoons), I get a pretty decent cup of coffee. The flavor is super strong, but the body is right. Well, almost.

Hmmm. Now I know why she wanted El Cheapo. I will continue to use it for my 10 min breaks because it is super fast, and I am going to try to grind some whole bean coffee but grind it really fine and see if that will grab some body, rather than my Folgers flaked coffee, but it looks like old Mr. Coffee wins again. He may be old and wheezy and slow, but he always comes back.

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