Casey Anthony People

Today I visited my local news channel to once again see George and Cindy Anthony on the news. They were in the woods where little Caylee Anthony’s body was found releasing balloons for her birthday, surrounded by what I call Casey Anthony People.

What are Casey Anthony People? These are the people that stood outside the Anthony home for DAYS on end when the news channels were making the whole thing into such a hoopla. These are the people that lined up for blocks at the Orange County Courthouse so they can get a seat in the Casey Anthony trial, to the point of fistfights, only to try not to fall asleep as the expert witnesses spent 8 hours talking about hair banding. These are the people that stood outside the Orange County Jail for hours and hours waiting for Casey to be released just so they can yell a swear word at her (I mean, do you really think she was listening?) These are the people who worked all year so they can take a vacation and decide to come from NJ, or California, or England, or wherever, and spend their hard earned vacation time mucking through a swamp to visit the site where Caylee Anthony was found.

I mean, really? Do they not have anything better to do?

Having endured all the trial and hoopla and actually having to wade through the Casey Anthony People at the Orange County Courthouse to pay a traffic ticket, it was a sigh of relief when the trial ended and Casey was released to disappear to wherever she went off too. So you can imagine my displeasure when I turned on the news and there was George and Cindy Anthony with a mob of Casey Anthony People around them.

Noooooo. Is it true? Can there possibly be still MORE Casey Anthony People out there?

Maybe I’m mistaken. I take a closer look at the video. I see a grown man in his 40‘s, who probably has no job and is losing his home to foreclosure, dump two hundred dollars worth of cards and balloons and stuffed animals in the woods, and then turn and dissolve into hysterical sobs talking with George Anthony, grabbing him and nearly knocking the man over.

Yup. Casey Anthony People.

Ugh. I mean, yea, I know, their there for CAYLEE, not Casey. They are still Casey Anthony People to me.

I cant figure them out. Sure it’s a tragedy. Nobody likes to see a little girl die, however way that she did. But are people such monkeys that they allow all the sensationalism of the press lead them into utter insanity?

Not that I’m not guilty. I’ve had my brief bouts of insanity myself. Yes, I too, have fallen victim to the insanity. I remember back in the day when all the hoopla was just starting watching people trespass onto the Anthony property and poor George out there wrestling with them to get off. I felt so badly for them. It infuriated me to the point that I actually went to their home to kick the first person’s ass that messed with them. When I got down there, everybody had to stand across the street, so no kicking ass necessary.

I spent a couple hours apart from the group and just watched them. The Casey Anthony People. Mother’s bringing their teenage children with them to stand across the street and hurl profanities too obscene to mention at the Anthony home (no doubt to help their children develop into the very best Casey Anthony People they can be). College kids with billboard signs standing there hoping to be on the big TV. Rednecks speeding by 60 miles an hour in giant pickup trucks with loudspeakers, the better to yell at the Anthony home, and to hell with the pedestrians.

As I stood watching I thought, how sad. Because at that point, so early into all the hoopla to follow, before poor little Caylee Anthony was even found, I realized something. I realized that although watching a family being torn apart by their own community as they grapple with the devastating lose of not only their grandchild but their child was sad, what was saddest of all was just watching the Casey Anthony People.

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2 Responses to Casey Anthony People

  1. offthecuff says:

    I don’t understand. Are you or are you not also a Casey Anthony People in writing and venting on this post?

    • thanks for commenting travesty!! ur my very first comment, if you were here i’d give you a candy bar lol. yea, i’m definately a Casey Anthony People person, which i believe i mentioned in my little post. however, it should be noted, ONCE a Casey Anthony People. Now i am a RECOVERED Casey Anthony People person, lol

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