My First (and last) DUI – Part Two


OK, here is part two. My blog isn’t really going to be about DUI, but now I’m stuck in a story that I have to finish, lol. Sooner or later I will write about something else. I’d like to cover what one can expect with a DUI, and other interesting tidbits I’ve picked up with this experience. All in due time. I’m not seeing a hell of a lot of visits at this point, anyway, lol.


And so here we are sitting in my girlfriends driveway with the cop behind us. My friend totally freaking out. I found myself wondering how this will turn out. Like I said, it wouldn’t be the first time I was actually pulled over drunk, although it had only happened a couple of times. I felt confident that I could talk my way out of it or walk the line or whatever and get it over with.


Only this time I couldn’t. Mostly because I drank so much so fast, I was actually feeling more drunk at this point than when we left the bar. I never slur my words or sway or any of that when I am drunk, and couldn’t figure out what tipped the cop off that I was drunk. Later, when I saw my mug shot, I understood. Even in a black and white mug shot, my eyes were beat red, lol.


So, what followed was pretty typical normal DUI cop-test procedure. He saw my eyes, and already knew I came out of the bar. He asked me to step out, and I swear the only thing that WASN’T normal was that he was like, a total rookie. He had to call for back up for the other steps.




Meanwhile, this is all happening in my friends driveway, mind you. The rookie called for backup and everything they did took a 5 minute discussion off to the side while I stood there waiting. My friend, probably hopped up on coke, was briefly questioned about our activities while her dog yipped constantly from the house. Then they went off to the side and had a discussion. Then they made me follow a pen with my eyes. Then they had a discussion. At this point, my friend said I HAVE to walk the dog, so she went in the house and got the dog (and no doubt, dumped the coke that was stuffed down her pants) and walked it while they decided what to do with me next. How is that for strange? I’m standing there with cops cars all around me, their lights and brights and spotlights on, and my friend, hopped up on coke, walking around the yard with her dog. Lol. Obviously, she just wanted to get into the house to dump the coke. But it was truly bizarre.


So next, the experienced cop pulled his car into the middle of the 2 lane road and blocked the traffic so I could walk the line. Which I was so amazed to find I could not do. Count backwards and walk the line and turn around at a certain point and go back. I was able to walk and count backwards but when I turned around I lost my balance. I didn’t fall over or anything, just a little stumble. So I guess they were still unsure, because they went off to the side and had another 5 minute discussion what to do next.


What was next is to inform me that they were placing me under arrest for DUI. They handcuffed me and put me in the car. I asked about my vehicle, they said it would be towed. I asked why are they towing it if it is parked on private property, they said it always gets towed in a DUI.


These cops were too much. I was about an hour into the country, but still in the county, so first they drove me to their local headquarters so they could get paperwork or whatever, which took at least 45 min. THEN they had to drive me into the city where the jail was, this was another 45 min trip. THEN, they had to test me. They did not have breathalyzer stuff in their car, I went to some cop shop outside of the jail and they filled out MORE paperwork and finally after a half hour there, they tested me.


So finally I am having a breathalyzer over three hours later. I was pretty hopeful I would pass it, but you know I didn’t. The limit was .08, my results were .089. They put me in a temporary holding cell, where you can only stand, no chairs or anything. No people either. I stood there for about another hour or so until the cops came back from break or where ever they went off too and took me to the jail.


So off to jail I went. That’ll be part three. Sorry readers, or future readers, or never readers lol, but I spend 12 hours a day on the computer for a living and can only do what I can do. But jail was quite the experience for sure. And for my poor sister. Another to be continued …

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