My First (and last!!) DUI.


Ok, so this is about my DUI. Because that is what I want to write about right now. Ever have a dui? Not fun.


I got my dui in October of last year. Was down in the dumps about losing my job, then losing my unemployment benefits because I stupidly decided that ANYTHING is better than sitting at home collecting off of public funds. ANYTHING turned out to be a fun job working at one of the local theme parks at the ticket booth. Which paid a whopping 8 bucks an hour and was over 25 miles away. I lasted ummm, three weeks? I quit when the truck overheated on the way there in traffic hell on the interstate.


But oops, I quit so there went my qualification for unemployment. Which I didn’t find out until two weeks later when they were kind enough to get around to telling me. I found myself which maybe a hundred dollars and absolutely no income coming in whatsoever. Definitely time for a drink, right?


I actually didn’t tho. But then my friend called begging me to go out, even offering to pay for my drinks.


My friend lives 40 miles away, and I wasn’t really going too, she likes to drink and do coke and smoke weed and even crack once in a while. I like to drink and get drunk and have fun, but definitely not into drugs, except maybe some weed when it is offered. So that is how we hung out. We’d go to the local bar, there would be a live local band playing, we’d hang out and get drunk, she would disappear once in a while to use the bathroom for a quick snort or locate someone for ‘supplies’, weed or coke or something. I was happy with the arrangement, although sometimes she would get really out of control.


And that kinda got old. I liked to slam some drinks and get a buzz and once in a while smoke a joint. I didn’t like her cravings for coke or whatever and her disappearing on me looking for it to buy or doing it somewhere and coming back 10 or 15 minutes later all hopped up. So I really cut back on hanging with her, and she would always call begging for me to come and party with her. I would ignore her calls and texts or make excuses, much to her chagrin. The more I did it, the more persistent she would be and, after about 3 weeks or so of harassment, I’d give in and go out for a drunken binge with her. After a while I would get up the next day thinking what a waste of money, what a waste of time. I’ve been to a million bars, parties, etc. I am now in my late 40’s, and just wasn’t really into it anymore. I’d seen and done it all, it was old news, boring.


So when she started her insistent texting to go out, I was already down in the dumps and in a foul mood. I started my excuses with her as normal, and then I thought look, if there is one night you need to go out and have some fun, this is it. Because tomorrow isn’t looking too attractive right now, or next week, or next month, and God knows when I’ll be able to afford to go out and have fun again.


Ha! So I did. I drove the forty miles out to the bar and met her there. And I started off pretty heavy too, I guess cause I was upset about my situation. My first drink I ordered a double (Jim Beam, my old friend), which tasted like water, and had the effect of water too, it seemed. My friend disappeared to get some coke, and I ordered another double, and another double. 3 doubles in an hour. I was pretty tipsy by then and still depressed. My friend came back with her 8ball or what ever it was, and said lets go back to her place, only a couple miles away if that, we can do some coke and come back when things started to pick up at the bar. It was only 9pm, so it sounded like a plan, although I wasn’t about to do any coke.


I pulled out of the driveway and immediately had to stop for a red lite. While I waited a cop pulled up behind me, having been parked at the business next door and seeing me pull out of the bar parking lot.


I wasn’t really that nervous about the cop. I am a seasoned drinker, or was when I was younger. When I was in my thirties I went out to the bars and partied till closing time at least 4 times a week and then drove home. I was careful to always travel the toll roads or the interstate and stay off the local roads where pedestrians may pose a hazard. For the most part I would stay the speed limit and hold the wheel just as steady as I could, although I have done more than my fair share of drunken speeding and sloppy driving as well. I have been followed and passed by a million time times by cops while driving totally bombed off my ass. I had also been pulled over for while drunk 2 or 3 times in my life and always getting away with it. I could handle the cop behind me.


And I did too. Even tho I had had the equivalent of 6 drinks in one hour and was pretty wasted, I kept the speed limit which was only like 35 miles an hour (I mean, how hard is it to drive at 35 miles an hour, lol). Even with my friend freaking out about the cop (slow down!! Ok, now here’s a stop sign make sure you stop!! OmG, why is he still following us?!?) and stuffing her newly purchased bagocoke down her pants. Lol. It WAS kind of humorous.


So all was well. No problemo. Only problem is I forgot about the brakes.


About a month ago the brakes started to act really funny in the truck. The mechanic said it was the proportioning valve, whatever that was. Basically, the brakes would either start locking up (break pedal really high), or be normal (break pedal really low), or somewhere in between. Sometimes I would have to pull over and let them cool off if the pedal got really high and they started to lock up on me. Not knowing quite where the pedal would be when I pressed on it resulted in some pretty jerky stops at times.


And that’s what happened. I’m cruising right along with that fucker behind me all the way, just waiting for me to do something so he could pull me over and see if I’m drunk, and probably starting to get a little frustrated, and I come to a stop sign and …. The pedal was really low. I stopped, just as pretty as you please, just like I was supposed to, but sailed past the stop sign about 3 inches. Which is against the law.


You cant stop past the stop sign, did you know that? I don’t do it anymore, but you know it feels pretty stupid stopping at a sign where you cant see the intersection cause the sign is so far back. I mean, EVERYbody stops past the sign, you kinda have to most of the time. But technically, its against the law. So he got me, and pulled me over in my friends driveway, who was just totally freaking at this point. So funny to think back, lol.


So here is my first true blog, and it is going to be ‘to be continued’ , because writing these things kinda take some time, don’t they? I’ll continue with my story invisible readers, no worries. But its 3am and beddy beddy bed.


Comments Welcome!!! Me like comments, lol. Please let me know your story, or if you have had a dui and how it happened, or if you like the way I write, or whatever. Its interesting to get feedback. I know I swore in my little story here, and am not sure if that is allowed cause I never wrote a blog be4, if it isn’t someone give me a heads up before I get kicked off before I even get started lol.


Rest assured, readers, I’ll be back for the next part of my story!!

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I live in Central Florida and love it!!
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